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Just box them up and ship to our address. Be sure to enclose your name, address, phone number, credit card number, and any special instructions.
Metalwood refinishing is 7-10 days in house. Wood woods take four weeks. Stainless steel iron polishing is 4-5 days. Rechroming of forged irons and putters takes 6-8 weeks. Reshafting, regripping, and most other repairs are usually 1-2 days.
Rechroming requires four basic steps: Strip the old chrome, polish the head, rechrome the head, paint fill all stampings. We do the polishing and paint fill in house. The stripping and rechroming are outsourced to the best chroming house in California. In order to have the chrome stripped, and rechromed our vendor requires a minimum of 50 pieces. This means that sometimes we just have to wait until we have enough to meet the minimum. Unfortunately this means that sometimes it will take more than our normal 6-8 weeks to complete.
Sometimes. We can save most decals if the club is refinished in the same color, and there is no damage around the decal. We have most of the Taylormade decals including the TP. We also have the Callaway chevron, and Ping crescent. We will not do any counterfeiting.
A credit card or a money order in advance.
Yes, we buy our paint from the same supplier that most OEM's use. We have most of the colors of the major brands.

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